Pete Peterson>

User Experience Design Leader

Pete manages digital experiences that meet business goals and exceed customer's needs

Process Process Process

  • Digital Sales & Service Management

    Pete has more than 15 years experience managing complex, international online taxonomies. The objective is to ensure consistent and positive interactions with our customers that support business objectives

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    • Esurance Digital Sales and Self-Service platforms

      Pete leads User Experience and User Research at Esurance. The digital customer-facing touchpoints cover quoting, sales, and service. Omni-channel experience includes phone support and sales.

    • Quote & Sales Platform

      Pete's UX and Research team built a new quoting experience to ensure customers can easily get an accurate quote based on their specific needs.

    • Dynamic and modular insurance quote experience

      Pete's UX and Research team worked with Product Managers to create a dynamic and modular insurance quote experience that factors in options and discounts to maximize velocity through invoice.

    • Rich and dynamic self-service dashboard

      Image and Video UI family
      The customer's personalized dashboard affords easy self-service, and customization. (Visual representation of attributes of one's home is patent-pending.)

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      9 million professionals in 185 countries use Autodesk products. As User Interface Design Manager, Pete worked with Product Managers, Content Strategists and Development teams to create robust, highly intuitive user interfaces, balancing design intent with development feasibility.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Objective: Increase awareness, foster preference, and drive the user toward trial/purchase.

      Strategy: Ongoing A-B tests, metrics data analysis, and customer surveys are utilized to continually improve on the site.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Image Gallery
      This image gallery was designed to maximize functionality and ease-of-use, while not over-powering the image.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Image and Video UI family
      The visuals above represent a small cross-section of how the Autodesk website displays video and imagery. All are systemically managed through a centralized CMS.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Product Suites
      Autodesk migrated to a product suite model to provide a more diverse and complimentary set of tools for their customers. Pete worked with product managers to understand the business objectives, then led an external agency in the creation of the rich-media experience that serves to educate and drive users to the appropriate suite.

    • BlackRock, Inc.

      iShares Online Customer Experience
      BlackRock is the worlds largest asset manager, with ~$3 Trillion under management. The iShares brand is responsible for the ETF offerings in the BlackRock portfolio. Pete was responsible for the iShares online customer experience, working closely with regional offices in New York, London, and APAC.

    • BlackRock, Inc.

      iShares Online Customer Experience
      Pete led the San Francisco team of User Experience, Visual Design, and User Research, responsible for the online experience of customer-facing Blackrock and iShares online properties. Pete worked closely with his international counterparts to ensure global consistency and functionality of customer-facing online properties.

    • BlackRock, Inc.

      iShares Online Customer Experience
      The iShares website serves both prospects and customers, with portals dedicated to individual investor, Institutional Investor, and Financial Professional. The site manages a delicate balance between managing the conversion funnel, as well as providing robust, relevant and timely tools for customers.

  • Mobile Apps

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    • IOS & Android app design

      Pete leads UX and Research teams in designing compelling and highly usable mobile apps

    • Esurance customer self-service app (IOS & Android)

      Pete lead a fundamental overhaul of the Esurance service app, incorporating deep research and usability sessions to develop an app that serves the user's needs

    • Esurance customer self-service app (IOS & Android)

      The Esurance service app contains important infor such as ID card, as well as frequently needed functionality such as payment and coverage updates.

    • Esurance property inspection app. (IOS & Android)

      The DIY home inspection app transforms a challenging and expensive process of inspection, and puts the power in the user's hands. In the process they feel more empowered, and earn a discount while they're at it!

    • Esurance property inspection app. (IOS & Android)

      The DIY app was designed utilizing deep insights from user research and concept-testing, resulting in an intuitive experience.

    • Esurance property inspection app. (IOS & Android).

    • Esurance Pay-Per-Mile mobile app

      This mobile app allows customers to take advantage of discounts on their insurance based on their driving habits.

    • Esurance Pay-Per-Mile mobile app

      Pete's team designed a fun and intuitive interface that shows the user's driving habits, and provides real-time feedback regarding their insurance discounts.

  • Standards & Guidelines

    Properly maintained design guidelines ensure consistent experience, and serve as good reference for vendors, agencies, and internal stakeholders.

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    • Esurance self-service dashboard

      Example of governance and specifications that ensure positive and consistent experience

    • Sales & Quoting Platform specifications

      Responsive break-points

    • Esurance pay-Per-Mile mobile app specifications

    • Blue Shield of California

      Direct Marketing Collateral
      Pete leads the direct marketing design and production arm of Blue Shield. He works in close partnership with marketing professionals to provide functional, actionable and impactful marketing communications.

    • Esurance do-it-yourself home inspection specifications

      Detailed specifications to ensure optimal coding success.

  • Process & Methodology

    Pete builds and maintains highly functional and efficient design and research teams.
    Below are a few examples of process and methodology.

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    • UX Design and User Research Disciplines

      Pete structures his teams in accordance with best-practises in the discipline of UX Design, and User research. Above are common subset-disciplines, and brief descriptions.

    • Esurance self-service dashboard

      Pete leads UX and Research teams in designing compelling and highly usable mobile apps

    • Esurance self-service dashboard

      Pete leads UX and Research teams in designing compelling and highly usable mobile apps

    • The User Experience Hierarchy of Needs

      This model by Stephen Anderson is a helpful way to gauge where we currently are as a company, and what we still need to accomplish to reach a superior level of service for our customers.

  • Illustration & Animation

    Various fun side-projects to mix things up.

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    • L'Oréal Rich Media Advertisement

      Pete worked with PopSugar to create visual design layouts, and final ad production for placement on PopSugar sites.

    • Book Cover Design

      Alesandra Rain wrote an autobiography involving a con man who secretly poisoned her for personal gain. I designed a book cover that captured the essence of the book.

    • CoverGirl Rich Media Advertisement

      Pete worked with PopSugar to create visual design layouts, and final Flash production for placement on PopSugar sites.

    • Autodesk Beta Product Prototype

      Pete created a semi-functional proof-of-concept for an idea for a new product, since named Autodesk Showcase. The prototype explores how an interior designer would in real-time, mix-and-match light fixtures, furniture and faucets to create a virtual design setting. See the prototype in action >> (Requires Flash)

  • Resume

    Pete Peterson—User Experience & Interface Designer

    Cell: 415.272.3001—Home: 415.454.6945
    Download PDF Version



    Create and manage online interfaces that enhance the user’s experience, meet business objectives, and promote customer retention.



    StubHub, an eBay Company
    Head of Product Design, International Growth
    Feb 2016-Present

    Responsible for the global expansion of Browser and Native customer-facing experiences for StubHub.
    Managing User Research, UX and Localization for 46 country sites.
    Ensure customers have seamless global access to events, with a close eye on maintaining a local and authentic experience

    UX & User Research Manager
    Feb 2013-2016

    Responsible for User Experience across all customer-facing interfaces, Sales + Service
    Built charter UX team including UI, Interaction Design, and User Research
    Manage team in ongoing work on apps and responsive sites across Sales + Service platforms
    Manage and maintain style guides and govern for uniform quality and consistency

    Blue Shield of California
    Visual Design Manager
    Jan 2012-Present

    Manage team of internal visual designers to serve business initiatives and improve customer experience
    Write and maintain style guides, component libraries, and process documentation
    Hands-on design of features and functionality in response to business and customer needs

    BlackRock, Inc.
    Vice President, User Experience & Visual Design Manager
    Dec 2010-Nov 2011

    Head of the San Francisco Team of User Experience, Visual Design, and User Research
    Responsible for the online experience of customer-facing Blackrock online properties
    Collaborate with international counterparts to ensure global consistency
    Maintain global online style guide and enforce compliance procedures
    Responsible for the consolidation of multiple stand-alone sites onto a single platform
    Oversee the management and selection of agencies and vendors
    Promote BlackRock as the premier brand in wealth management

    Autodesk, Inc.
    User Interface Design Manager

    Responsible for user interface and visual identity for all Autodesk customer-facing properties, including with 32 country sites in 18 languages
    Ensured consistent and positive user experience through standardized interface and pattern library
    Created and maintained corporate user interface guidelines
    Data-driven design decisions based on user-centered design methodology, including usability analysis, A-B testing and metrics


    Proven people-manager in oversight of international online taxonomies
    Keen analytical skills in designing successful omni-channel experiences
    Strong collaborator with Product Managers, Content Strategists, and Development teams, balancing design intent with development feasibility

    University of California, Berkeley — Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Academy of Art — Masters of Fine Arts

    Language Skills: Expert fluency in Swedish.