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User Experience & Visual Designer

I design online interfaces that enhance the user's experience, while supporting business objectives.

Process Process Process Process

  • Interface Design Management

    Pete has 15 years experience managing complex, international online taxonomies. The objective is to ensure consistent and positive interactions with our customers that support business objectives

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      Pete has spent the last 15 years advocating for the customer experience for Autodesk , BlackRock , and most recently Blue Shield of California.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      9 million professionals in 185 countries use Autodesk products. As User Interface Design Manager, Pete worked with Product Managers, Content Strategists and Development teams to create robust, highly intuitive user interfaces, balancing design intent with development feasibility.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Objective: Increase awareness, foster preference, and drive the user toward trial/purchase.

      Strategy: Ongoing A-B tests, metrics data analysis, and customer surveys are utilized to continually improve on the site.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Image Gallery
      This image gallery was designed to maximize functionality and ease-of-use, while not over-powering the image.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Image and Video UI family
      The visuals above represent a small cross-section of how the Autodesk website displays video and imagery. All are systemically managed through a centralized CMS.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Product marketing on 3rd party websites.
      As the Visual Design Manager for Autodesk Online, Pete managed the design and function of 3rd party banner ads. Each customer touchpoint, no matter how small, represents an opportunity to reinforce the perception and brand equity of the Company.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Visual Design UI Library
      Pete leads and maintains the Visual Design Library, and ensures that UI visual design assets remain consistent and pixel-perfect across all customer-facing websites.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Product Suites
      Autodesk migrated to a product suite model to provide a more diverse and complimentary set of tools for their customers. Pete worked with product managers to understand the business objectives, then led an external agency in the creation of the rich-media experience that serves to educate and drive users to the appropriate suite.

    • BlackRock, Inc.

      iShares Online Customer Experience
      BlackRock is the worlds largest asset manager, with ~$3 Trillion under management. The iShares brand is responsible for the ETF offerings in the BlackRock portfolio. Pete was responsible for the iShares online customer experience, working closely with regional offices in New York, London, and APAC.

    • BlackRock, Inc.

      iShares Online Customer Experience
      Pete led the San Francisco team of User Experience, Visual Design, and User Research, responsible for the online experience of customer-facing Blackrock and iShares online properties. Pete worked closely with his international counterparts to ensure global consistency and functionality of customer-facing online properties.

    • BlackRock, Inc.

      iShares Online Customer Experience
      The iShares website serves both prospects and customers, with portals dedicated to individual investor, Institutional Investor, and Financial Professional. The site manages a delicate balance between managing the conversion funnel, as well as providing robust, relevant and timely tools for customers.

    • Blue Shield of California.

      Blue Shield of California is a leading provider of health care coverage, and the only one not-for-profit in California. Pete leads the Visual Design and Content Strategy teams in ensuring a robust, consistent and pleasant experience for Prospects, Members, Brokers, and Employers.

    • Blue Shield of California.

      Portal Sites
      The Blue Shield site serves Prospects, Members, Brokers, and Employers. Pete oversees each site, and endeavors to maintain a unified experience while also serving each channels' unique business needs.

    • Blue Shield of California.

      Member Dashboard
      Pete oversaw the development of a Member Dashboard that contains all useful tools and helpful info in one consolidated view. Pete endeavored to build an experience that felt easy and approachable.

  • Mobile Interfaces

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    • Responsive Mobile Website for Blue Shield of California.

      Pete partners with business owners, developers and interaction designers in development of iterative design releases for the Blueshield responsive website.

    • ETF App for iShares, Inc.

      Pete oversaw final visual design specifications to ensure IOS app was on Brand and utilized appropriate design patterns.

    • Responsive Mobile Website, Autodesk, Inc.

      Pertnering with the HTML Code Engineer, Keith Chu, Pete developed the visual presence and interaction flow for beta-versions of mobile websites dedicated to new software launches.

  • Process & Methodology

    Goal-Directed Process — Understand the User, and support Business Goals

    User Centered Design—Ethnographic Research > Persona Development > User Scenarios > UI Design


    Pete employs three simple principles in support of customer experience:

    Ensure simple navigation, so users can easily find the info and tools they need to complete their intended actions.
    Create compelling content, so users are inspired and fulfilled by what they find online.
    Design consistent presentation and functionality, so users become familiar with our sites and how they work.


    User Experience Disciplines

    Visual Design— Create systemic and consistent interfaces that reinforce the Brand, and ensure a positive experience.
    Interaction Design— Design online interactive functionality and tools
    User Testing and Research— Measure and validate the usability of designs, and define the right product offerings.
    Content Strategy— Develop and optimize content, site structures and navigation.

  • Standards & Guidelines

    Properly maintained design guidelines ensure consistent site experience, and serve as good reference for vendors, agencies, and internal stakeholders.

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    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Branded Video Player Interface
      Pete designed the Autodesk-branded video controls, and worked with a vendor to create a plugin to the CMS for seamless video-integration to all international sites.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Reseller Portal Documentation
      An example of the Partner Portal site. The modular approach was chosen to help resellers quickly scan the information and find what they're looking for.

    • Autodesk, Inc.

      Accordion-Module Documentation

    • Blue Shield of California

      Font Usage Guidelines

    • Blue Shield of California

      Image Usage
      The use of imagery on a site should be deliberate, functional, and in concert with the purpose of the site. Pete maintains a uniform experience in regards to image usage, in close partnership with Brand teams.

    • Blue Shield of California

      Site Grid Structure

    • Blue Shield of California

      Direct Marketing Collateral
      Pete leads the direct marketing design and production arm of Blue Shield. He works in close partnership with marketing professionals to provide functional, actionable and impactful marketing communications.

  • Illustration & Animation

    Many of the examples below are in Flash format. To see them in action, see the Flash section >>

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    • Information "Widgets"

      Self-contained widgets can convey a message in a rich, compelling way. The survey widget at top-right uses php script to collect and display survey results to the data analyst. The reseller-lookup uses perl script to display resellers in the users area.

    • L'Oréal Rich Media Advertisement

      Pete worked with PopSugar to create visual design layots, and final Flash production for placement on PopSugar sites.

    • Book Cover Design

      Alesandra Rain wrote a riveting autobiography involving a con man who secretely poisoned her for personal gain. I designed a book cover that captured the essence of the book. Alesandra runs a successful business helping people rid themselves of addictive prescription drugs. I designed a book cover for her self-help book.

    • CoverGirl Rich Media Advertisement

      Pete worked with PopSugar to create visual design layots, and final Flash production for placement on PopSugar sites.

    • Autodesk Beta Product Prototype

      Pete created a semi-functional proof-of-concept for an idea for a new product, since named Autodesk Showcase. The prototype explores how an interior designer would in real-time, mix-and-match light fixtures, furniture and faucets to create a virtual design setting. See the prototype in action >> (Requires Flash)

  • Resume

    Pete Peterson—User Experience & Interface Designer

    Cell: 415.272.3001—Home: 415.454.6945
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    Create and manage online interfaces that enhance the user’s experience, meet business objectives, and promote customer retention.



    Blue Shield of California.
    Visual Design Manager
    Jan 2012-Present

    Responsible for the online visual design experience for Blue Shield websites
    Manage team of internal visual designers to serve business initiatives and improve customer experience
    Write and maintain style guides, component libraries, and process documentation
    Hands-on design of features and functionality in response to business and customer needs
    Promote Blue Shield as the preferred choice in California health care for individuals, providers, and employers

    BlackRock, Inc.
    Vice President, User Experience & Visual Design Manager
    Dec 2010-Nov 2011

    Head of the San Francisco Team of User Experience, Visual Design, and User Research
    Responsible for the online experience of customer-facing Blackrock online properties
    Collaborate with international counterparts to ensure global consistency
    Maintain global online style guide and enforce compliance procedures
    Responsible for the consolidation of multiple stand-alone sites onto a single platform
    Oversee the management and selection of agencies and vendors
    Promote BlackRock as the premier brand in wealth management

    Autodesk, Inc.
    User Interface Design Manager

    Responsible for user interface and visual identity for all Autodesk customer-facing properties, including with 32 country sites in 18 languages
    Ensured consistent and positive user experience through standardized interface and pattern library
    Created and maintained corporate user interface guidelines
    Data-driven design decisions based on user-centered design methodology, including usability analysis, A-B testing and metrics

    Hands-on Interface and Interaction Designer, with expert knowledge of relevant applications, standards, and methodologies
    Proven people-manager in oversight of international online taxonomies
    Keen analytical skills in designing user interfaces for new features and functionality
    Strong collaborator with Product Managers, Content Strategists, and Development teams, balancing design intent with development feasibility

    University of California, Berkeley — Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1991
    Academy of Art — Masters of Fine Arts, 1995

    Adobe Creative Suite, including Flash design and code development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Microsoft Suite, Visio, Scrum, Agile
    Language Skills: Expert fluency in Swedish.